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What Mad Tofu is all about.

Web Design & Handcraft Designing

I love designing all sorts of things from websites to knitted cowls. My journal CSS designs are some of the most popular layouts on deviantART, one of the largest social media sites in the world.


Knit & Crochet Portfolio on Ravelry

Fractal Art

I am an internationally recognized, award-winning fractalist. My works have been featured on commercial and personal websites, and my tutorials have helped thousands of people discover the wonder of fractals.

Artwork shop on Zazzle
Artwork & Design portfolio on deviantART

Cosmetics Review

I supply a much needed resource in the form of reviews of vegan beauty products for budget-conscious individuals. Additionally, some of my photos have been regrammed on Instagram by well known beauty brands.

{makeupfu} on Instagram


Below are some of Mad Tofu's best design and art works.


Behind Mad Tofu


  • Raquela

    Blogger / Designer

    Creator and owner of madtofu.com.

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